Saturday, May 26, 2012

We have been working a lot and since we are living in a big city where you can not just go outside to play we also need to keep the kids very busy as well so they have  been doing lots of extra activities. CJ has guitar classes once a week, street dancing, and soccer 3 times a week and Bianca has soccer also 3 times a week, tap dancing, judo and capoeira.(she loves tap dancing!!)

 Bianca is the only girl on the team!

The kids are growing up to fast and we are getting old! We have had many birthdays already this year. Clinton, CJ,Gabe, Dri, Diogo.... Life is moving pretty fast. 
CJ had 3 parties one in Ribeirao Preto and the other 2 in Sao Paulo.  

 With grandpa and grandma (Ribeirao Preto)

 Cousin Murilo
 Cousin Diogo (Ribeirao Preto)
 In Ribeirao Preto
 With grandma in Ribeirao Preto

 (in Sao Paulo)
 (in Sao Paulo)
 (in Sao Paulo)
 Aunt Adriana and great aunt Terezinha  (in Ribeirao Preto)

(at our house in Sao Paulo)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hi Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year Everyone!
We have so much to post and not enough time!
So we are going to start with the beginning of this new year and work our way back a little bit.
We had a crazy end of the year. Lots of work and definitively not enough time. We were teaching, serving Mexican dinners,and we also had lots of orders of cookies... We were really tired when Christmas came.
We earned our little vacation at the beach, that is for sure!We left on the 26th and came back on the 3rd, it was great. We cant wait to go back.
Now we are working again and trying to open our school so we can teach groups and make more $$$$.We are also hunting for a new school for the kids, we have until next week to decide since they start their school year in February. Well that is a little bit of what is going on with us here. We miss everyone and hope to hear from you all! Love the Millers

Our Vacation at the Beach (The New Years)

One of the beautiful sunsets that we saw.
Fireworks time!! Nothing like the 4th at home, it was so much better!! It was fireworks non stop for 15 min.
Look at CJ!!
They were yelling Happy New Year,in Portuguese and English, it was really cute.

All of the lights were boats that came to watch the fireworks.
New Years dinner it was delicious!
At the museum the Huge whale!
The beautiful staircase at the museum.
The big ship room at the museum they had lots of fun!
We were thinking of Jenna!! The sand collection. This picture was taken just for Jenna.
The shark is going to get me!!!!
A not so good weather but we decided to go catch some waves anyway.
The kids after going swimming. They had so much fun the weather was horrible but the waves were great CJ was so happy, he has lost his fear of water!!
At the Ice cream bar.
The white guys at the beach, they had to wear the shirts so they wouldn't toast. We got sun burned anyway even tough we put sunscreen sps 50.
Playing games.
At the little roundabout in front at the beach it was actually more like a little park. This was a picture taken by Bianca, pretty good right!
At the aquarium.

Just having fun. With daddy.
A really cool bridge that we crossed to get to the other beach we stayed at.
The train ride around town.
Playing at the little park.

An afternoon at the beach.

Bianca running around flying her kite.
We had fun flying the kites.

Clint looking for sea shells
Going for a walk! Nice shorts dad!!(well we can't really call it shorts now can we!)
Clint found a nice coral.
Part of the house were we stayed. Very nice, very big.
Pretending they know how to play!!Well they knew a little bit!
With aunt Terezinha The kids love her!
Bianca just having fun with the waves.

This Nativity set was awesome. It had the 3 kings too. It was all made with sand. Look at all the details.